Jobs For 14 Year Olds

You have arrived at Jobs For 14 Year Olds, the place to be online for parents, potential employers, and teens can learn the rules and regulations of working outside of the home.  With those in hand we then help you get hired fast!

Being 14 is a pivotal time in a teenagers development.  Having literally just become a teenagers the year before, 14 year olds are at the minimum age when working outside of the home or farm is possible.  Likely just finishing up middle school or junior high school, you are likely looking ahead to high school and college after that, and maybe trying to save some money/help pay the bills during a tough economic time.

While we most certainly prefer that all 14 year olds could focus on their education and doing well enough to get into a top ranked college, reality often hits, making these kids have to step up and really make some money.  If nothing else, getting a job, even at minimum wage, will help those under 16 either save up for a car or save up for college.  Learning to save early on is critical to future financial success and freedom from debt.

On top of the obvious financial reasons to get a job, every 14 year old can also get a lot of value from the experience that being employed outside of the home provides.  Most teenagers have spent the majority of if not all of their lives being taken care of by various adults, both their parents and others they have interacted with in a coach, mentor, teacher, or caregiver role.  While elementary education is very important, it typically shelters students from real world experiences that they will likely need sooner rather than later in their young lives.  Earning a part-time job at only fourteen enables them to gain a bit of perspective before heading to high school and then eventually off to University. offers a number of articles and resources to help every fourteen year old GET HIRED FAST once they have decided to get a summer job.  Some of our favorite posts include:

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Look around our site for more information about what jobs 14 year olds can and cannot do, and how to make the most of their time while working.