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Jobs For 14 Year Olds in NJ

Are you 14 years old, living in the great state of New Jersey, and looking to earn some money this summer or after school?  This article discusses the laws of the state for minors, as well as a listing of good places to look for jobs for 14 year olds in nj.  Read on andContinue Reading

What Should Teenagers Wear To An Interview

We get this question a lot here.  14 year olds, typically in 8th grade or their freshman year of high school, are not exactly known to be the most professional dresses.  In some industries, this does not matter.  For example, if you are going to be working on a farm or a construction site, youContinue Reading

Good Jobs For Students

There are few lessons more valuable to teach young students than the value of hard work.  Beyond schoolwork, and getting good grades in class, a great way to do this is by working either after school or during the summer in a job. Students looking for jobs should think about a number of factors.  HowContinue Reading